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My doctor recommended medical massage. I found Milan and she’s great!
— Tracey D., Google Review
First place I went after my BBL.
— Cesarina R., Google Review
Milan has a very intuitive yet therapeutic touch. Her rehabilitate techniques after post-procedures are impressive! Definitely isn’t your typical cookie cutter routine... amazing medical/orthopedic massage therapy right in the heart of downtown Boston!
— Rebecca B., Google Review
Medical Massage Therapy
Boston Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD

Is CBD a Drug?

If the question is whether CBD creates the sensation of getting “high”, the answer is no. CBD is not a psychoactive compound.

Is CBD Safe for Pregnant Women?

Although recent studies suggest that CBD is no more harmful than caffeine pills during pregnancy, more research is needed before a definitive conclusion is reached. Use sparingly.

Is CBD Safe for Kids?

Yes! CBD produces no harmful effects in children.

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

Studies have shown that CBD can be beneficial for managing inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety and sleep issues, attention deficit disorders, epilepsy, and help prevent the spread of cancer.


What Does a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Look Like?

After your cosmetic surgery, it is highly recommended that you receive a series of Lymphatic Drainage Massages to keep the excess swelling from becoming painful. There are many types of lymphatic massages out there, but after surgery, you should stick to the hands-on manual variety.

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