What To Expect

So, what's the deal with in-home massage? How does it all work? Learn what to expect when you book a massage with Dandelion Massage Boston.


After you book...

After you choose a date and time for your professional massage service through our easy, online booking system, an initial confirmation e-mail is sent to both you and your massage therapist immediately after an appointment is scheduled. You will also receive reminder e-mails 24 hours and 2 hours before your appointment. Cancellations must be made no later than 2 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

Prior to your treatment...

If you've got a little free time before we arrive at your door, be sure to establish a space for your treatment with tranquility in mind. A massage table measures about 6 feet long and three feet wide with a three-foot walking perimeter for the therapist to move around. Any free space in your home that fits those dimensions would be perfect! Enclose pets in a separate area, move tables and chairs if you need to, and put on your favorite feel-good tunes. Massage heaven is about to begin!

When we arrive...

Knock, knock! We're on your doorstep with a portable massage table and a bag of supplies. We've brought sheets, a blanket, a small pillow, music, and massage oil. If you're receiving a prenatal massage, we highly recommend having three or four extra pillows at the ready to make the side-lying position more comfortable. Just tell us where to set up, and the massage table will be ready to go in less than five minutes. At this point, we'll excuse ourselves to let you undress to your level of comfort and place yourself between the sheets of the massage table. We'll return to commence the massage when you're settled.

After the treatment...

At the completion of your massage, we'll excuse ourselves once more to let you re-dress and collect your thoughts. (This is the point where people get really, really happy that they are already home, and can go straight to sleep!) The therapist will return, collect the table and supplies and answer any questions you may have about the session. Nothing beats the privacy, convenience, and quality of Dandelion Massage Boston!


No room in your home for a massage table?


Come to our new space in the Back Bay!


575 Boylston Street, 2nd Floor

Inside Movement Sciences office!