Medical, Cosmetic, and Therapeutic Massage Therapy



Cosmetic Massage

With  ever-growing popularity of facial surgeries and body enhancements, our bodies are under more stress than ever. Let us help you reach your aesthetic goals quickly and effectively with cosmetic massage.

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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage relaxes tense muscles and alleviates pain with trigger-point therapy and manual manipulation via the therapist's hands, knuckles, and forearms.

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Medical Massage

While relaxation massage is adequate for those who do not suffer from major or minor medical conditions, medical massage therapy is the perfect option for people looking to manage the symptoms of certain injuries, disorders, or chronic pain.

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Insurance-Covered Massage

Have you been in an auto accident? Did you know that injuries may arise as much as six months after the initial collision? Massage Therapy can alleviate and even prevent these injuries. Your auto insurance [Personal Injury Protection] will likely cover massage multiple times per week with a prescription.

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